Quirky tips and hurricane 'hacks'

Your dishwasher is a waterproof place to keep documents and valuables. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

As you prepare for the storm, we have a few hurricane hacks that might help:

  • Take pictures of your important documents and email them to yourself. You can also put them and other valuables inside the dishwasher. It's waterproof when you close the door.
  • You can put documents, photos and heirlooms in plastic bins and set them somewhere high.
  • Put clothing in a large ziplock bag. That way you know they'll be dry even if other stuff is wet.
  • Even with good windows and shutters, water can seep through. Spread towels along your windows to help soak it up.
  • Fill your freezer with ice to help keep it cold.
  • Your washing machine can be used as a cooler.
  • To find out if you lost power, fill a cup with ice and put a coin on top. If it's on the bottom, you know your food might be bad.
  • Along with your battery operated devices, use ones with a crank or that are solar powered.
  • Pet owners are can fill a baby pool with sod and grass and putting it inside your home to provide an indoor restroom for your dog.
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