Much higher rain chances headed our way

Bottom Line

The hurricane season doesn't begin for another two weeks, but the ABC 15 First Warning Weather team is watching an area of low pressure in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center gives the system a 30% chance of acquiring subtropical or tropical characteristics over the next 3 days.

Regardless of development, the system will be very slow moving and transport deeper moisture into the Carolinas leading to much higher rain chances.

Tuesday features a few showers in the morning then a good chance of scattered showers and a few storms from late morning into the afternoon. With tropical moisture remaining in the area through the weekend, expect the rain chances to stay high.

No one day looks to be a total washout, but it's a good idea to have a plan B if your outdoors for several hours. By the end of the day Saturday, it's possible many areas will get 2-4" of rain.

Because we've been so dry lately, flooding will not be a concern.

For the record, a system developing in May says nothing about the season ahead. In other words, there have been very quiet and very active seasons following a system forming in May.

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