Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto forms, heavy rain likely for our area

Alberto Forecast Track

The National Hurricane Center has initiated advisories on Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto, it's on a northerly track through the Gulf of Mexico.

Heavy showers on the east side of the system continues to impact western Cube and much of the Florida peninsula. Wind shear is expected to continue to decrease over the weekend as the system moves into the warmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The forecast for Alberto continues to suggest the storm will move somewhere between the NW Florida Panhandle and Louisiana.

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Regardless of how strong the storm will get, heavy rains will become a major concern for much of the Southeast.

The first major moisture plume will reach South Carolina on Sunday night leading to widespread rain chances area wide. The rain could be heavy at times.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain chances will continue to be numerous to widespread across the region on Monday and Tuesday before moisture in the atmosphere begins to relax slightly on Wednesday.

A prolonged period of rain is the only significant threat our region will experience from Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto.

Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters are slated to investigate Sub-Tropical Storm Alberto every six hours, having completed the first mission Friday.

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