Severe weather threat diminishes for Saturday

Severe weather threat diminishes for Saturday, (WPDE)

Based off of today’s models as well as discussions, the First Warning Team has been consistently forecasting for storms, thunderstorms and damaging wind gusts as primary threats for Saturday.

Overall coverage looks most intense in front of the cold front.

Forcing will be beginning interaction with destabilizing air masses, however, this is hindered by cloudiness, limited daytime heating, and weaker height falls.

Storm fuel values are area-wide less considerable now.

Vertical wind profiles are area-wide less considerable now, too! Organization remains tougher to ignore throughout Savannah’s market than Myrtle Beach’s market. This overall threat remains concentrated in Northern Georgia, Northern South Carolina, and Southern North Carolina, but The Storm Prediction Center has downgraded our threat from Slight to Marginal.

Based off of Model Output Statistics, we have forecasted for 70s during the afternoon, 40s during the evening.

Certainly, tornadoes as well as hail cannot be entirely ruled out, however, this is not something I imagine will materialize.

Rainfall totals seem to be below an inch, as well.

More than likely based off of dynamics, these storms will move in and out quickly, as opposed to totals exceeding an inch. Storms, thunderstorms will dump precipitation on the ground, but flooding seems unlikely.

Increasing dewpoints as well as moisture will certainly be beneficial as far as fire danger is concerned.

Surely Horry County Fire will lift this afternoon’s issued burn ban at a point tomorrow.

Timing still remains late afternoon to early evening with everything well off of the coast by Sunday morning.

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