Millions of Americans experience high temperatures colder than the high temps on Mars

Tuesday Highs Colder Than Mars (Courtesy: WPDE)

FLORENCE, S.C. (WPDE) - It's no surprise that temperatures are cold across the northern tier of the United States as winter has made it's full appearance for millions of Americans.

As high temperatures barely squeak past 20 degrees below zero for many places across the Midwest, many people may be left looking for an escape from the arctic blast. If that's the case for you, forget Florida and say goodbye to sunny southern California. How about taking a trip out of this world - to Mars.

That's right. High temperatures on the Red Planet Monday were warmer than those in the Midwest and much of Canada. Minnesota had a high temperature of 12 degrees Monday while Mars's Curiosity Rover, currently located in the Gale Crater, registered a high temperature of 23 degrees.

It's not uncommon for temperatures on Mars to be warmer than cities across Earth. In fact, many times Mars reaches a high temperature in the 20s during their Martian summers. But the shear amount of how many millions of Americans are experiencing temperatures colder than Mars is what's fascinating to many.

Of course, the lows on Mars continue to outpace any low temperatures on Earth. Monday's low on Mars was -101 degrees in comparison to the -2 degree low felt in Minneapolis.

The forecast continues to look "balmy" on the red planet with temperatures expected to reach into the low 20s again today, outpacing more than 41 million American's high temperatures today. Expect over 93 million Americans to have highs colder than Mars on our Wednesday.

If you are looking for some true warmth though, heading towards Florida might be your better option with highs in the 60s across the state.

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