Cold, wet weather is here! Snow possible, but unlikely, Saturday morning west of I-95

Saturday Morning Futurecast

The cold, damp weather has arrived and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Areas of low pressure moving up the Carolina coast will send waves of rain into the area Wednesday night through Saturday morning. While the rain will not be heavy, it will be persistent for several days so it'll pile up.

I'm expecting 1.5" - 2.5" of rain by the time it ends Saturday morning, but because we've been dry leading up to this rain event, flooding will not be an issue.

As moisture is exiting the area Saturday morning, colder air is rushing in. It's possible areas west of I-95 could see a few flakes mix in with the rain.

IF you see any snow, it's unlikely to stick thanks to air and ground temperatures above 32°. There will be no travel issues from snow, but the roads will be wet from all the rain.

Thanks to cloud cover, periods of rain and a north wind, high temperatures Thursday and Friday afternoons won't get out of the 40s. Despite more sunshine for Saturday and Sunday, we're still stuck in the 40s.

It warms up a little bit early next week, but don't get used to it. Another arctic front will sweep through the area Tuesday and bring in even colder air for Wednesday.

Now that this pattern is locked in, it looks like temperatures will stay below normal through mid-December.

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