8am 10-8-7: After two Unites States landfalls, Nate is weakening rapidly

U.S. Hurricane Landfalls

Nate made two landfalls in the United States as a Category 1 hurricane with 85 mph maximum sustained wind. The first was in southeastern Louisiana around 8pm last night near the mouth of the Mississippi River. The second was this morning around 12:30am near Biloxi, Mississippi.

Nate is the fourth landfalling hurricane in the United States this season. Not to mention 3/4 hit as a Category 4. Four hurricane (or more) hasn't occurred in twelve years (since 2005) where we had Cindy, Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

As of 8am this morning, Nate is a tropical storm with 45 mph maximum sustained wind. The storm will continue to weaken rapidly today as it moves over land.

Tropical moisture will extend across most of the southeast through early this week. Due to rotation around Nate and rotation around high pressure in the Atlantic, deep southeasterly and southerly wind-flow will develop this weekend bringing plenty of tropical moisture into the Carolinas. This increases our rain chances, cloud cover, and humidity.

Elsewhere in the tropics, we are watching an area in the north-eastern Atlantic with a high chance of development over the next 5 days. The good news? It's not a threat to the United States.

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