8pm 10-7-17: Nate makes landfall near the Mississippi River

Nate Forecast Track

Saturday 8PM

Hurricane Nate makes landfall near the Mississippi River Saturday evening as a category 1 hurricane. Nate has 85mph maximum sustained wind as of 8 pm Saturday.

Nate is on track to make a second landfall, and it's expected to pass over Mississippi and Alabama tonight. Keep in mind: many of these areas are either at- or below- sea level especially the coastal region. Hurricane force wind (over 74 mph) will extend approximately 30 miles from the center with tropical storm force wind (over 39 mph) extending approximately 100 miles.

Our rainfall isn't necessarily caused by Nate but the storm is a contributing factor. Due to rotation around Nate and rotation around high pressure in the Atlantic, deep southeasterly and southerly wind-flow will develop this weekend bringing plenty of tropical moisture into the Carolinas. This increases our rain chances, cloud cover, and humidity.

Elsewhere in the tropics, we are watching an area in the north-eastern Atlantic with a high chance of development over the next 5 days. However, it's not a threat to the United States.

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