8pm 10-6-17 Nate Likely to Become a Hurricane Saturday

Nate Forecast Track


Nate is over the very warm waters of the western Caribbean Sea and looks to be getting its act together. Steady strengthening is expected up until landfall Saturday night. Thankfully, Nate is moving unusually fast, so it won't spend a great deal of time over the warm Gulf of Mexico. With that said, residents along the Gulf coast from the central Louisiana coast to the panhandle of Florida should prepare for a category 1 hurricane with max winds of 80mph. Those winds would be experienced within 30 miles of where Nate's center crosses the coastline. Tropical storm force winds (<40 mph) are expected up to 100 miles from the center. It's conceivable Nate could be even stronger if organizes more quickly.

With a very well established steering flow in place, there's no doubt that Nate will make landfall somewhere between New Orleans, LA and Pensacola, FL Saturday night. From there, it will accelerate northeast and ride up or just west of the Appalachian mountains. That track would not produce and high wind, widespread heavy rain or tornadoes here. Any showers and storms we get this weekend into next week will be generated by a deep southeasterly and southerly wind-flow around high pressure to our east and Nate well to our west.

Bottom-line - no threats from Nate, but it will be very warm and muggy through next week. Nothing at all like fall!

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