Wilson, Doty, Evans named All-Region out of Class 4A Region 6

Myrtle Beach Head Coach Mickey Wilson named Class 4A Region 6 Coach of the year.

Coaches gathered this week to award players for their work in Class 4A Region 6. Below is a list of players who were tabbed All-Region for the 2018 season.

  • Region VI AAAA Awards and All-Region Teams
  • Coach of the Year – Mickey Wilson
  • Co-Players of the Year – Luke Doty (Myrtle Beach) and Tiyon Evans (Hartsville)
  • Co-Offensive Players of the Year – Elijah Blair (Marlboro County) and Jermani Green (Myrtle Beach)
  • Defensive Player of the Year – J.B. Favorite (Myrtle Beach)
  • Special Teams Player of the Year – Antwan Smith (Wilson)
  • Athlete of the Year – J.D. Pendergrass (Hartsville)
  • All Region 1st TeamAll Region 2nd Team


Offensive Line

1.Evan Jumper (Myrtle Beach)

2.Lee Prescott (Hartsville)

3.Michael Bennett (North Myrtle Beach)

4.Jeremy Roberts (Wilson)

5.Montana Walker (Hartsville)

6.Paul Gerald (North Myrtle Beach)

Tight End

1.Dawson Hardee (North Myrtle Beach)

Running Back

1.Javorius Williams (Darlington)

2.Collins Bishop (Hartsville)

Wide Receiver

1.Marcus Grissett (Myrtle Beach)

2.Davon Finkley (Myrtle Beach)

3.Tyrek Eaddy (Marlboro County)

4.Wyatt Roache (Myrtle Beach)Offense

Offensive Line

1.Zyheim Ferris (Myrtle Beach)

2.Travis Polson (Myrtle Beach)

3.Chandler Anderson (Darlington)

4.Torquery James (Marlboro County)

5.Malachi Black (North Myrtle Beach)

6.Daniel Turner (Marlboro County)

7.Ashton Hale (Myrtle Beach)

Tight End

1.Jalen McLeod (Marlboro County)

Running Back

1.Ramsey Lewis (North Myrtle Beach)

2.Dariyan Pendergrass (Hartsville)

Wide Receiver

1.Naseem Harrison (North Myrtle Beach)

2.Derrien Holmes (North Myrtle Beach)

3.Jordan English (Darlington)

4.Calron Thomas (Marlboro County)

5.Mileek Cooper (Darlington)

6.Rictavius McInnis (Marlboro County)


1.Yavin Smith (Wilson)

2.Terry Frazier (Darlington)


Defensive Line

1.DeMonte Capehart (Hartsville)

2.Curtis Thompson (Hartsville)

3.Chris Brown (Myrtle Beach)

4.Marcelous Livingston (NMB)

5.Will Walton (Myrtle Beach)


1.Daniel Foster (Wilson)

2.Justin Abraham (Hartsville)

3.Kevon Haigler (Hartsville)

4.Michael Brown (Myrtle Beach)

5.Shedric Pointer (Myrtle Beach)

Defensive Back

1.Rod Gattison (Hartsville)

2.Xavion Knox (Myrtle Beach)

3.Zay Peterson (Hartsville)

4.Austin Randall (Myrtle Beach)Defense

Defensive Line

1.Shamar Sprattling (Marlboro County)

2.Dashawn Zimmerman (Marlboro)

3.Quamil Spells (Myrtle Beach)

4.Kemuel Arthur (Wilson)

5.Sheek Green (North Myrtle Beach)

6.Curtis Wolfe (North Myrtle Beach)

7.Kenny Matlock (Hartsville)


1.Ismael Sloan (Marlboro County)

2.Jordyn Gillings (North Myrtle Beach)

3.Salem Sessions (Myrtle Beach)

4.Josh Bates (Darlington)

5.Montrez Williams (Hartsville)

Defensive Back

1.Jordan Swinton (Marlboro County)

2.Quinton Livingston (North Myrtle Beach)

3.Zavaric Hines (Hartsville)

4.Timothy Robinson (Wilson)

5.Demarcus Bailey (Wilson)

6.Marcus Lugo (Myrtle Beach)

7.Jamiek McCoy (Marlboro County)

Special Teams


1.Zane Smith (North Myrtle Beach)


1.Chad Toone (Myrtle Beach)Special Teams


1.Sullivan Hardin (Myrtle Beach)


1.Zach Rogers (Marlboro County)

2.Caleb Caldwell (Hartsville)

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