The latest SCBCA Top ten January 30th

Carvers Bay has jumped into the latest SCBCA Class 2A poll. Courtesy WPDE

The latest High School basketball ranking from the SCBCA. The top 10 from each classification as we head into February.----AAAAA Boys Top 10, January 291. Dorman2. Berkeley3. Lexington4. Nation Ford5. River Bluff6. Fort Mill7. Blythewood8. Riverside9. West Florence10. Wade Hampton----AAAAA Girls Top 10, January 291. Goose Creek2. Woodmont3. Spring Valley4. Dorman5. Sumter6. Fort Dorchester7. Lexington8. Nation Ford9. West Ashley10. Clover----AAAA Boys Top 10, January 291. Ridge View2. Westwood3. Orangeburg Wilkinson4. Greenville5. Darlington6. North Augusta7. Travelers Rest8. Wren9. AC Flora10. Wilson-----AAAA Girls Top 10, January 291. North Augusta2. South Pointe3. Westwood4. Wilson5. Lower Richland6. Myrtle Beach7. Blue Ridge8. Airport Blue9. Greenville10. Darlington-----AAA Boys Top 10, January 291. Keenan2. Ridgeland-Hardeeville3. Manning4. Edisto5. Wade Hampton6. Newberry7. Georgetown8. Southside9. Pendleton10. Loris-----AAA Girls Top 10, January 291. Bishop England2. Swansea3. Emerald4. Dillion5. Seneca6. Marion7. Manning8. Keenan9. May River10. Southside-----AA Boys Top 10, January 291. Gray Collegiate2. Oceanside Collegiate3. Lee Central4. Carvers Bay5. Christ Church6. Mullins7. Silver Bluff8. Saluda9. Woodland10. North Charleston------AA Girls Top 10, January 291. Christ Church2. East Clarendon3. Buford4. Mullins5. Saluda6. Barnwell7. Gray Collegiate8. Andrew Jackson9. Landrum10. Lee Central------A Boys Top 10, January 291. Great Falls2. High Point Academy3. Hemingway4. Charleston Math and Science5. Lowcountry Leadership6. Timmonsville7. Denmark Olar8. HKT9. St. Johns10. Bethune Bowman-----A Girls Top 10, January 291. Scott’s Branch2. High Point Academy3. McCormick4. Timmonsville5. Estill6. Military Magnet7. North8. Blackville-Hilda9. Lake View10. Wagener-Sally

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