Professor: Kids and older people most vulnerable for cybersecurity attack

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    Technology is in our daily lives and sometimes it can leave us vulnerable.

    That's why professors at Horry-Georgetown Technical College are teaching students how to stay safe online and tell ABC 15 News teaching that is more important now than ever.

    Like some HGTC students Shulammite Cox is getting her higher education in her late 20's.

    It's her second time taking classes there.

    This time, her motivation is different. "Everything we do is technology related, everything in their hands is a tablet or a phone," said Cox.

    Her children are six and 11 years old.

    From iPads at school to tablets and cell phones they're all surrounded by technology. "If you don't know how to use this stuff or are not aware of what can happen with this stuff, you're kind of clueless out there. I don't want to be one of those people," said Cox.

    Cox refuses to be complacent when it comes to technology and her kids. So, she's learning the ends and outs of Cybersecurity at Horry-Georgetown Technical College. "I want to know I got this, everything is secure. I know what's going on."

    Cybersecurity experts say parents should be proactive about their children's online safety. They say kids and older people are the most vulnerable.

    "If there's one reason I get up early every morning, it is to try to figure out how to make it more safe for the children," said HGTC Professor Stanton Greenawalt.

    His biggest concerns for children are social media, sharing too much information online and hacked web cams.

    He tells parents they have to get involved. "You need to look at what they're doing on the internet. I teach them to go in and look at the history being used on the computer and then also to look at the cookies and how to get rid of them and how to restrict a website," said Professor Greenawalt.

    He also worries about older people, specifically with online banking and home security. He tells them, "Don't leave that computer on when you're not using it, don't go to websites unless it's a known website, in particular if you're banking. Don't leave other browsers open. Don't leave your camera on."

    All tips Cox is learning to teach her own children and to earn her Cybersecurity Certificate. "Computer Technology is always evolving, I kind of think of myself as a forever student," she said.

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