HGTC student hoping to make a difference for women in STEM

    <p>HGTC student Taylor Chapman, 18, is studying Electrical Engineering.{/p}

    Women make up almost half of the United States workforce but in STEM careers, the number is much lower.

    HGTC student Taylor Chapman, 18, is not letting that statistic hold her back from pursuing her dreams.

    Chapman is studying Electrical Engineering and admits she is outnumbered. "In most of the engineering classes I'm taking, I'm generally the only female," she told ABC 15.

    Chapman is the only woman in her Introduction to Robotics Manufacturing class. "It hasn't been intimidating at all. It's just, I feel like I need to work very hard," she said.

    Women are outnumbered in STEM careers as well. Studies show about 24 percent of jobs in the field are being done by women.

    That only motivates Taylor. "That's something I want to see is more women in Engineering because there definitely is a deficit. I hope to set an example for younger girls."

    She is already setting quite an example. By June, Chapman will graduate from Carvers Bay High School in Georgetown County. And by the end of this summer, she'll have her Associates Degree from HGTC.

    "I'm taking as many classes now so I can get the degree and then go on to get my four-year degree," said Chapman.

    She was able to complete high school and attend HGTC through dual enrollment classes with the PACE program.

    For her next step she does have some colleges in mind and has recently toured Princeton and Yale. "I won't be fresh going into my engineering classes wherever I go, I'll have a little bit of background and that really comforts me," Chapman said.

    She plans to earn her Bachelor of Science of Engineering degree then possibly volunteer internationally. "I definitely want to volunteer abroad and go to underprivileged communities that need an introduction to STEM principles, so they can have water distribution systems and communication systems."

    Chapman continues to keep her eye on the prize and focus on how she can make a difference through STEM.

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