Graduation Cap Candies

Graduation Cap Candies made on Whip Up Your Weekend. (Erin MacPherson/WPDE)


Mini Reese's cups

Icing (color of your choice, preferably your school colors)


Chocolate covered graham crackers or other square cookies


1- Unwrap Reese's cup and place on plate (top down), put icing on the side of the Reese's cup that is facing up.

2- Place square chocolate treat or square cookie on top of the Reese's cup.

3- Put a dot of icing in the middle of the square treat and place an M&M on top of icing dot.

4- Make 'tassel' with icing and enjoy :)

Everyone at ABC 15 News wants to congratulate all graduates on their graduation. This is a quick, easy and yummy treat to have at your graduation party!

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