Easter Dirt Dessert

Easter Dirt Dessert made on Sunday, April 16.

On Easter Sunday for Whip Up Your Weekend, Brittany Van Voorhees and Erin MacPherson made dirt dessert with Easter decorations.

Chef Geoff Blount spent the holiday at home, but Erin and Brittany still wanted to have Whip Up Your Weekend.

If you want to make an easy dessert, just follow the instructions below.


1. Instant Jell-O pudding (chocolate) : One small package of about 3-4 ounces will do. However, on the show we used a package of about 5-6 ounces.

2. Milk: Any kind you prefer. We used 2%.

3. Per package of pudding: cool whip (eight ounces)

4. Oreos: One package of original will do! Half for inside the dirt and half for on top!

5. Toppings: strawberries, gummy worms and bunny peeps.

6. Vanilla icing or melted white chocolate

7. Orange food coloring


1. Mix one package of pudding with milk. Stir with whisk for about two minutes. We used 5-6 ounce package of instant pudding and three cups of 2% milk.

2. After the pudding is mixed well, add an entire eight ounce container of cool whip.

3. Place mixture into a container of your liking.

4. Mix vanilla icing or melted white chocolate with orange food coloring. Dip strawberries in that mixture to make them look like carrots.

5. Place "carrots" in dirt and as many other toppings you would like. Gummy worms like to be in dirt and bunny peeps do too!

6. Enjoy your creation!

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