Suns out, ghouls out: Paranormal activity expected to increase during eclipse

Suns out ghouls out; Paranormal activity expected to increase during eclipse (Eddie Kadhim, WPDE)

The solar eclipse will be one of the most fascinating things many of us will see in our lifetimes.

And paranormal researchers say the phenomenon will create a whole lot of activity right here on earth.

Dennis Carroll has many titles-- published author, demonologist, and paranormal investigative researcher.

"There are naturally occurring electromagnetic lines throughout the entire earth,” said Carroll. “There's another name that some people give these lines "ley lines".

A ley line runs straight through South Carolina, he said.

"It's sort of like a confusion in nature due to it and some people have also said that perhaps when these things occur the veil between realities becomes thinner and there could be crossovers," Carroll said.

Kelly Lee Brosky, the co-founder of Phasma Paranormal in Conway, said over the past six years she and her husband have investigated over 600 cases of paranormal activity, and as the eclipse gets closer they're getting busier.

"In the last couple of weeks we've really seen doors slamming, objects moving, people being harmed and that's just not common from what we typically see," said Brosky.

Brosky said she realizes a lot of people are skeptics.

"If you've never experienced the paranormal it's very difficult to explain what happened but if you've experienced it nobody is ever going to change your mind."

Carroll compared the previous eclipse he lived through to a full moon, causing spirits, animals, and normal people to act strange and believe things they normally wouldn’t

"It kind of raises the social conscious of people. They are seeing something extraordinary and that makes them put more of their mindset on the seen and the unseen things in this universe,"

To report your supernatural experience click here for Phasma Paranormal or here to get in contact with Dennis Carroll.

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