How to make an eclipse viewer from a cereal box

You can make an eclipse viewer with a cereal box, aluminum foil, scissors, tape and a white piece of paper. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

It's important to safely watch the solar eclipse and protect your eyes. You can do that with eclipse glasses, or you can make a special eclipse viewer out of a cereal box.

Watch the video above for step by step instruction, as a family makes the viewer.

Here are written instructions from Tidelands Health:

1. Trace the bottom of an empty cereal box on a white piece of paper. Cut the tracing from the larger piece of paper.

2. Tape the tracing to the inside bottom of the cereal box.

3. Seal the top.

4. Cut rectangular holes in opposing sides of the top of the cereal box. The rectangles should be several inches long and extend the full width of the top.

5. Cover one of the rectangular holes completely with aluminum foil and seal the edges with tape.

6. Poke a small hole in the aluminum foil using a nail.

7. Watch the eclipse by standing with your back to the sun and looking into the larger hole cut into the top of the cereal box. The sun should be projected through the hole in the aluminum foil onto the white paper at the bottom of the box, allowing you to safely view the eclipse without looking toward the sun.

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