Zagat survey: Many diners want to get rid of tipping

More than 40% of diners want to get rid of tipping, says new survey (Tzuhsun Hsu / CC BY-SA 2.0 / MGN Online)

CINCINNATI (SBG San Antonio/WKRC) - Would you be willing to pay more for a meal if it meant you didn't have to leave a tip?

A poll published by Zagat found 43% of those surveyed would pay more for a meal if it meant not having to leave a tip. However, 33% hated the idea.

It also found that, on average, Americans tip about 18% at restaurants. The best tippers are in Philadelphia at about 20%.

The survey also found that diners eat out for lunch and dinner 4.9 times on average per week.

And social media plays a role. When asked if they have ever picked a place to eat based on photos of food on social media, 75% of diners said yes.

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