Wanted Wednesday turns into funny Facebook saga

Wanted Wednesday turns into funny Facebook saga

RICHLAND, Wash. – Action News has shared probably hundreds of Wanted Wednesday photos in the past. But this one has an ending unlike any other.

It starts with a Facebook post and ends with a selfie of the wanted man turning himself in.

Richland Police originally wrote on Facebook, “Dear Anthony, is it us?” They joked that the wanted Anthony Akers stood them up and never turned himself in.

And to their surprise, Akers himself commented on the post, writing, “Dear RPD, it's not you, it's me. I obviously have commitment issues.”

Akers then assured police he would turn himself in. After that comment, the post blew up--hundreds of people commenting and leaving memes.

"We want to have an interaction with the community,” Lt. Chriss Lee said. “We just weren't expecting it on this particular post to have so much engagement, but we'll take it!”

“We're going to continue to post the Wanted Wednesdays,” Crime Prevention Specialist Cerice Peck said. “I'm not sure that we'll have that kind of success going forward, but we definitely do appreciate the shares."

The person behind Richland Police's witty posts? It was Peck.

Akers did eventually turn himself in, but not without posting a selfie to Facebook, saying, "I’m here for my date, sweetheart.” And letting the anxious followers know the end of this comical saga.

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