This McDonald's hamburger has defied decay for 18 years, claims nutrition educator

    Eighteen-year-old McDonald's burger defies decay (Courtesy: WKEF/WRGT)

    BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) Ever wonder what's in your favorite junk foods? Well, you probably don't want to know...

    Lori Kelch, a nutrition educator from Dorothy Lane Market (DLM), visited FOX45 in the Morning - and she brought a special guest. Her almost 18-year-old McDonald's hamburger looks about the same since the day it was sold. Needless to say, she suggested that the preservatives keeping the unholy patty alive are not good for your health.

    "Part of my concern is what is in this burger that allows it to literally live forever?," said Kelch. "The reason that I take this with me and show it is because I want people to understand that there are consequences beyond the fat and calories for the food choices that we make."

    McDonald's burger seeks to live forever (Courtesy: WKEF/WRGT)

    Lori showed us some healthy lunch alternatives from DLM that will make you (not your hamburger) live longer. She also told us about DLM's health education programs, free to everyone.

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