Large alligator checks out home in Port St. Lucie

Alligator checks out new home under construction in Port St. Lucie. (Courtesy: Bean Drywall, Inc.)

A large alligator stopped by a new home under construction in Port St. Lucie.

It scared the daylights out of the Bean Drywall employee doing a final walk-through of the home earlier this week.

According to company owner Brian Bean, the employee was going through the house when he noticed a commotion outside a bedroom window.

People were stopping their cars and pulling out their camera phones.

The employee thought they were potential buyers until he looked outside and saw an alligator walking across the yard.

Bean said the gator plopped down in a planter at the front door when the employee called animal control.

He estimated the gator to be about 8-feet long. It appeared to be well fed.

The employee ran around to shut all the windows and doors.

Bean said by the time Animal Control arrived, the gator crawled into a canal behind the house and vanished.

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