A bill passes to ban cell phone use while driving in Oregon

Cell phone ban (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

MEDFORD, Ore. - Oregon lawmakers take another look at legislation that would ban cell phone use while driving altogether.

Measure 46-13, which passed yesterday. If you get caught with a cell phone in your hand while driving, you'll get fined $1,000.

One man, Ken Ogden, was hit about two years ago by a distracted driver. He says he's glad this bill has been passed, but it doesn't bring back what happened to him.

Ogden is an architect and says this is something he has to live with for the rest of his life.

"I see the car with my body imprint on the hood still, driving down the street," Ogden said.

He says witnesses saw the driver who hit him looking down at her phone at the time of the accident.

"It crushed my leg from the knee down and thankfully surgeons were able to reconstruct it, but i now have quite a bit of hardware in my lower leg, but it also crush my hand, tore the meniscus in wrist and messed up both shoulders, fractured two ribs and also fractured my right foot," Ogden said.

State Representative Sal Esquivel hopes Measure 46-13 will prevent accidents like the one Ogden went through.

"Now, of course it 's against the law to text and it's against the law to talk on your phone, but it's very, very difficult to prove, so hopefully we can get people to do what's right and if it has to cost them a thousand dollars, then it's going to cost them a thousand dollars when they get caught," Rep. Esquivel said.

He says if you need to take a phone call, you have to be hands free.

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