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1st grade teacher tells students doctors 'make a guess' about gender when a baby is born

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 24: Classroom (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 24: Classroom (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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A first-grade transgender teacher reportedly told kindergarteners, first and second graders that doctors “make a guess” about a newborn’s gender at birth and that sometimes that “guess” is “incorrect.”

The comments came during an “Identity Share” Zoom call after the Boston-area charter school teacher was prompted by his assistant principal to share something he most liked about himself using an “I am” statement, according to reporting from The Daily Wire.

“So something that’s really cool and unique about who I am is that I am transgender,” Ray Skyer, who teaches first grade at Brooke Roslindale charter school, reportedly told students. “I’m gonna give you my explanation about what it means to be transgender as well,” Skyer added.

So when babies are born, the doctor looks at them and they make a guess about whether the baby is a boy or girl, based on what they look like. Most of the time that guess is 100% correct; there are no issues whatsoever, but sometimes the doctor is wrong; the doctor makes an incorrect guess. When a doctor makes a correct guess, that’s when a person is called cisgender. When a doctor’s guess is wrong that’s when they are transgender.

Skyer posted the video to his Facebook account, which is now private, accompanying it with a caption discussing “bills introduced targeting trans youth,” according to The Daily Wire.

We always hear the argument that these laws are 'protecting' their peers and 'preventing confusion.' At this point, I’ve had many conversations with many young children (I'm a 1st grade teacher) about what being transgender is and never once have I been met with any fear or confusion. I've even been the recipient of a group hug! Children just get it, it's as simple as that.

A debate over how to discuss sex and gender with very young students has been heating up ever since the state of Florida passed a bill prohibiting such discussions before the 4th grade, or in a manner not age-appropriate for older students. Other states have also introduced new laws that would affect ways of discussing gender identity, and some have attempted to prohibit children from receiving “gender-affirming” care, which often includes treatments and procedures like puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery, among others.

Skyer’s account is now private, but according to The Daily Wire he also added in his caption alongside the video some statements a few of his students made following the Zoom call.

“Great job, Mr. Skyer!” he indicated one student said. “I think my family is a lot like yours!” another allegedly said.

“How did you grow a beard?” Skyler said one student asked, pointing out that he responded: “My answer was just that I grew up!”

“‘Your brother is taller than you AND has a bigger beard!’ (Thanks, friend.)” another student said, Skyer noted.

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The National Desk (TND) reached out to both Skyer and the Boston charter school he works at. TND did not hear back in time for publication but if any responses are received, they will be added to this story.

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