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'Your prayers matter:' Myrtle Beach neighbors hold prayer for peace in Ukraine

Myrtle Beach neighbors hold prayer for peace in Ukraine (Andrew James/WPDE)
Myrtle Beach neighbors hold prayer for peace in Ukraine (Andrew James/WPDE)
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The power of prayer is a strong one for many and Friday night it was the tool of choice for many faith members in the Myrtle Beach community.

Several church congregations came together to hold a prayer service at Plyler Park.

“If you’ll pray now for the safety of all the Ukrainian people at this time," said Pastor Ron Greiser with Church of the Resurrection.

The prayer was also extended for the people in Russia impacted by the conflict and for the leaders that have thrust the region into war.

"Jesus says in Matthew that we are called to love our neighbors and we are to pray for our enemies," Greiser said reading scripture before a crowd of more than three dozen.

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The crowd gathered in downtown Myrtle Beach was filled with those who never stepped foot in Ukraine and those who know how close to home the conflict is reaching.

“Imagine if that was happening to you, there are bombs near my family, imagine if that was happening right here. So they are desperate for our prayers," said Vladimir Melnytskyy with NewSpring Church. “It is an actual war, and our prayers matter, your prayers matter.”

Other community members remember their time servicing others in Ukraine either through mission work or youth enrichment there.

“I just thought about all of those kids that I hung out with and you know had so much fun with teaching and talking to and learning about their language and so forth. Now I’m just imagining what they are going through," said Scott Campbell with Grand Strand Baptist Church.

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The prayer overwhelming sought the safety of those in Ukraine, in harm's way, or displaced uncertain of where they will stay and what home they will return to.

“We pray that you will bring peace where there is war and strife," said Pastor Randy Goff with Doxa Church. "We do not have any ability to change what is going on over there. the greatest world leaders that we have right now cannot figure out how to bring peace. But we know who the source of peace and true reconciliation is. So let’s beseech and call out that he comes and changes the hearts of kings as we know that he can.”

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Ukrainian flags were flown, hands were held, heads bowed and hearts came together all for the purpose of peace. While many may feel powerless in Ukraine and outside of it, these neighbors gathered to share the one source of power that they believe can be provided, in prayer.

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