Working For You: Florence family finally gets help for flooded yard

Working For You: Florence family finally gets help for flooded yard. (Tonya Brown/WPDE)

The Ewers family said they called the Florence City Public Works Department for six weeks about standing water in their yard on North Ebenezer Road, but couldn't get anyone to return their calls.

"Pretty much fed up. I mean I'm tired of it. I've called probably a dozen or more times. Several different numbers. More than a dozen times. The neighbor down the street has called almost daily and we don't get a response," said Kevin Ewers.

Ewers said his 80-year-old mother lives at the home and started having flooding problems New Year's Day.

He questioned if the problem was related to the city's water main issues it faced in early January.

Water main breaks impacted water pressure and affected thousands across the city.

We emailed city leaders just before 9 a.m. Monday to get answers for the family.

By 11 a.m. we got the following response from Florence Public Works Director Michael Hemingway:

"In reference to issues provided below, they are in no way water main issues. These issues are with the service line that provides water service to a customer tap. I have personally looked at the issues and staff will be responding appropriately to identify and correct the issues, if they are on the city side of the water meter. Whenever a distribution crew completes a current task, that crew will be directed to this situation and further investigation will be done by site excavation."

By 6 p.m. Hemingway sent a crew out to the family's home to check out the situation. Crews appeared to pump out the water in the Ewers' yard and a neighbor's.

Within an hour, the water started to recede.

Hemingway issued the following response Wednesday afternoon:

As a follow up to the information provided yesterday afternoon. The repair at 457 North Ebenezer Road was completed by city staff last night. There was not a leak at 461 North Ebenezer Road. Water was traveling through voids in the soil from the two leaks at 457 North Ebenezer Road and surface in the front yard of 461 North Ebenezer Road. There was a break on the city side immediately adjacent to the water meter and another break on the customer side immediately behind the water meter. With the combination of both breaks in the 3/4" water service the volume of water released was comparable to a full flow from the service line. Situations like this is what we refer to a trace leak. This is where water is visible in one location but the actual leak is somewhere else.

Ewers said he and his family are thankful the problem is now fixed and he hopes it stays that way.

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