Waitress sues Thee New Dollhouse for broadcasting pictures of her naked

(MGN Photo: Tania Saiz / CC BY 2.0 License Link

An employee of Thee New Dollhouse in North Myrtle Beach is suing the company after she found out that naked images of her were broadcasted to paying members of a pornographic website, according to the lawsuit.

The woman, listed as Jane Doe in the civil suit, says that was hired on May 29, 2016 to be a cocktail waitress.

As part of her position, she was required to wear a "cocktail waitress" uniform provided by the company and her job was strictly as a waitress and not an exotic dancer, stripper or performer, according to the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, she states that every day she would come into work, have her uniform inspected and then go into a room to change.

However, on Aug. 9, 2016, there was someone in the room working on the "web cameras" that broadcast videos to the website, the lawsuit states.

That is when, Jane Doe states in the lawsuit, she found out about the webcams and that her privacy was invaded because of videos posted on the internet.

Jane Doe is suing Crazy Horse Saloon and Restaurant, which does business as Thee New Dollhouse and Dog Leg Right, for negligence, invasion of privacy and intentional inflection of emotion distress.

She is asking for punitive and actual damages due to permanent emotional distress, embarrassment, past and future medical expenses, and loss of earning capacity, according to the lawsuit.

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