Woman says she was asked to edit flesh-eating bacteria Facebook post; city says 'no way'

(Marsha Barnes Beal / Facebook)

The woman who says her mother contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while swimming in the ocean near Myrtle Beach now says city officials contacted her and asked her to make it clearer that her mother already had an open wound when she entered the water.

Marsha Beal took to Facebook at around midnight to say that her mother was doing better, but "I've been asked by city officials to edit my post and to clerify [sic] that my Mama already had an open wound! My question: what difference would this statement make?"

But Myrtle Beach spokesman Mark Kruea and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean both say they're unaware of anyone making that request.

Dean said in an email to ABC15 News, "we were not able to connect with the author of the post and were unable to confirm any details. We initially tried to confirm details but didn’t hear back and decided that if the post was accurate, the family was dealing with an emergency and likely preferred not to be disturbed or distracted."

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And Kruea said he reached out to the woman via a Facebook message, but he asked for more information about where the woman was swimming and any other details she could provide.

"We’ve not been critical at all...All we’ve said is that we’d like to have more information," he said. He also said he doesn't know if Beal even saw his message.

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We have reached out to Beal to see if she can tell us who from the city contacted her about her post, but have not yet heard back.

Her original post has now been shared over 100,000 times.

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