Witness: Voter told to remove Trump shirt at Murrells Inlet polling place

A voter was reportedly asked to remove his Trump t-shirt at a polling place in Georgetown County. (Credit: Todd Price)

A post on Facebook is getting a lot of attention locally after a voter was reportedly told to remove his Trump t-shirt in Murrells Inlet.

Todd Price was voting at the Murrells Inlet Fire Dept. Tuesday when the incident reportedly occurred.

"Vote Nekkid! Good turn out at Murrells Inlet Fire Department precinct- but they made this poor guy take off his Trump shirt to vote," Price wrote in the Facebook post. "I thought it was ok as long as the shirt wasn't for someone on the ballot?"

According to the South Carolina State Election Commission's website, campaign literature can not be distributed or displayed within 200 feet of any entrance used by the voters to enter a polling place-- nor are political posters allowed.

Further, the SEC website says poll managers have "such police power as necessary to carry out the provisions of the election laws. They have full authority to maintain good order at the polls and to require obedience to their commands during the election."

We've reached out to the director of the Horry County Board of Voter Registration and Elections for her take on this issue and have not yet heard back.

Price says there was another voter in front of the man pictured who was also wearing a Trump shirt.

"I didn't hear the conversation with him but he left in a huff and went to his truck," Price said. "I assume to go put on a different shirt."

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