Why don't doctors and nurses get sick? ABC 15 Investigates their 'secrets'

Why don't doctors and nurses get sick? ABC 15 Investigates their 'secrets' (WPDE)

Doctors and nurses in our area have been busy lately treating sick patients, but it seems as if they don't get sick.

Your friend passes a sickness to you, you go to the doctor's office, spend time with the nurse and the doctor, but you don't hear about either of them falling ill. They almost seem like superheroes or magicians.

"Really there's no magic to it whatsoever. I think the magic comes in the fact that we should be washing our hands a lot and we know that hand washing is the key to decreasing transmission of these infections," Dr. Paul Richardson, chief medical officer at Conway Medical Center.

Richardson says there's another key: "We're vaccinated. Most of us are up to date on all of our vaccinations including our influenza vaccine and that helps."

Infectious disease physician, Dr. Nya Ebama, calls those the convenient ways to stay healthy, but she says it goes deeper.

"A mental idea of health. Meaning if I'm tired, I've got to pace myself, I don't try to push through. If I'm starting to feel sick or anything, depending on what the day looks like, I try to amend the day," said Ebama.

She keeps her immune system in tip top shape like this: "I take my vitamins everyday, as cliche as that sounds. I actually keep them right by the door so I can pop them on my way out".

Eating right is also important. She says she feels less sluggish and much sharper when she chooses the healthy option.

"And doing things that I love. Being with family, being with friends, dancing. I love to ballroom dance so I try to make that a priority," she said.

There you have it, the magic of immunity!

Dr. Ebama's last tip, remember the importance of your health. "I also tell myself 'stay healthy!' I remind myself it's important for me to stay healthy so I can take care of others".

Experts at the CDC say handwashing is the do-it-yourself vaccination, but if you don't have access to soap or water, it's recommended to use a hand sanitizer that has at least 60% percent alcohol.

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