Why are people walking and doing cartwheels today?

Amanda Kinseth/From cartwheels to lunges to walking, the American Heart Association challenges you do to 30 minutes of any form of physical activity.

It's National Walking Day.

People are walking, running, and Ernie Johnson is rolling.

He's been in a wheel chair since a 1997 football accident at Conway High School.

"For right now, cardio is taking my 130-pound dog for a walk everyday," said Johnson. "And my next goal is trying to get on a hand cycle everyday."

And the American Heart Association has set a goal for everyone. National Walking Day kicks off the month-long challenge called Waccamaw Lace Up and Go.

"It's a challenge to yourself to get out and get your heart-rate up for 30 minutes," said Michelle Bessett, American Heart Association. She said becoming more active will help decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases.

It's just about moving. Even cartwheels would work.

"Yes, cartwheels will get your heart-rate up," said Bessett. "It's however you can do it - however you can move."

Fitness instructor Cher Milovich said you can get out with your family and go for a walk after dinner. If you want to progress from there, add in some walking lunges or squats.

From push-ups to planks, even somersaults to squats, lifting can lift can your spirits.

"It's like I can tackle the world," said Milovich. "It's like I drank two cups of coffee. It's a natural high."

It might make you set your sights even higher.

"Hopefully in four years I will have enough experience to be doing hand cycling in the Olympics," said Johnson.

But for now, just getting motivation to move is enough.

For everyone who walks on April 6 through April 30, you will be able to get the chance to donate your minutes walking to the American Heart Association.

You can donate your minutes of activity to the american heart association by posting your minutes to social media using the hashtag #waccamawlaceup.

For every thirty minutes of physical activity an individual completes and shares on social media, they'll be entered to win a prize.

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