What warning? Why even the National Weather Service didn't see this tornado coming.

On Wednesday, a tornado came through an area between Conway and Loris in Horry County and left behind a path of destruction.

The National Weather Service (NWS) surveyed the area Thursday morning, officially confirming that it was a tornado that hit the area.

Officials with the NWS team said the tornado moved along a five-mile route, starting near Chow Lane and ending around Gause Drive.

To those in the area, it seemed as though the twister moved right along Adrian Highway.

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Now, many locals question why there was no warning that the tornado was on the way.

Steven Pfaff with the NWS said that the tornado hit fast and suddenly, blowing through one area of Adrian Highway at about 110 miles per hour.

He said that level of speed, as well as the fact that the twister was effectively wrapped in rain and hidden from view, made it difficult to identify on radar.

For those in the area, the fact that a warning didn't come nor Thursday's official confirmation of the tornado are of much use--at the end of the day, the damage remains.

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The American Red Cross is assisting families impacted by the tornado.

The preliminary damage assessment from 40 structures--including six homes-- that were damaged has already reached nearly $1 million.

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