West Florence fire district buys land for expansion

The West Florence Fire District has purchased the property where its West Florence Fire Station One has been housed for the past 44 years on Ebenezer Road in Florence, according to West Florence Fire Board of Commissioners Chairman Dustin Fails.

Fails said they bought two acres from ESAB Welding company for $25,000 when the company initially wanted to sell it for $100,000.

He said the fire district needed to purchase the land in order to expand.

Fails added if they hadn't purchased the land on Ebenezer Road then they would have to do the expansion in another location.

The expansion project is being funded through the Florence County penny sales tax extension.

West Florence Fire District operates as a special purpose fire district.

Florence County filed suit against West Florence Fire District in September of 2014 saying it's unconstitutional to operate as a special purpose fire district.

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