Weekly kids camps at CCU teach, entertain over the summer

Weekly summer camps for kids at CCU run through August 12. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

Children in our area are out of school for the summer, but that doesn't mean their brains are taking a break.

Briana is spending her days at Coastal Carolina University's Kids Camp.

She's learning a lot.

The seven year old is writing, coloring and playing detective.

It's Briana's second year at CCU's summer camp.

"It's really fun and I make a lot of new friends," said Briana.

Everyday she has something exciting to tell mom.

"We love it," said Stacy Stephens, Briana's mom. "She starts from the morning telling me about each activity and how she has learned about how to do things that she's never done before or tasted something she's never tried."

From CSI to Incredible Edible Art, the classes range from reading and writing to math and science.

"In Candy Chemistry, the kids are going to learn about chemistry and watch reactions and stuff," said Ellen Jampole, a CCU Summer Kids Camp instructor. "They're going to blow bubbles and see who can blow the biggest one and how far can you stretch a gummy worm, and that's math and science."

They're gaining knowledge and growing imaginations during fun, and educational, days.

The Coastal Carolina Kids Camps run weekly until August 12th.

To sign up, call 843-349-2767 or or visit http://www.Coastal.Edu/outreach/youth/index.Html

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