Visitors stung by wave of jellyfish triggering blue flags along Grand Strand beaches

Meredith Taylor and her family were stung by jellyfish. (Meredith Taylor)

A family's vacation was disrupted last week after stings from jellyfish.

You've probably seen them washing up on the beach, but right now, they're stinging people.

Madeline and Meredith Taylor were visiting the Garden City area last week and, while out on a boat, they got multiple stings on their legs.

“It felt like I was almost on fire,” said Madeline, who spoke to us via FaceTime Friday.

Madeline Taylor said she was in the water when she saw jellyfish, and, before she could react, felt the stinging as tentacles wrapped around her legs.

Meredith Taylor said her other daughter was stung and then another family member.

Six days after the Madeline Tayor was stung, she said she is still feeling the pain.

She said it is mostly itchy, but the red marks are still there.

Her mother, Meredith was also stung.

“We’ve actually seen some of the jellyfish in the area (before),” she said. “We were just really surprised at the severity of the sting, which is a little bit, it seems a little different, so I’m not exactly sure what kind of variety these were but they were a little more vicious than usual.”

The National Weather Service put out an alert for Friday because of the jellyfish.

Lifeguards in Myrtle Beach also put up their blue flags indicating marine life was an issue in the water.

“If there getting multiple people being stung or something, then they’re trying to advise other people what Le going on with that section of beach,” said Myrtle Beach Ocean Rescue Battalion Chief Brian Mitchell.

He said there isn’t a “season” for jellyfish. The uptick this week can likely be attributed to the current and wind conditions.

“They go a lot with the current so they can go in and out fairly quickly, but the last couple days we have seen some individuals that have been stung with jellyfish,” he said.

Mitchell said he isn’t sure what kind of jellyfish may have stung the Taylors, but he said, jellyfish stings can trigger different reactions depending on the person.

“There are certain things out there and again, if you get stung you just need to know come out and help treat yourself. Get the tentacles off or pressure with salt water and then get some warm to hot water on it to flush the affected area,” he said.

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