Water main break found and fixed in Florence

(Tonya Brown/WPDE)

A water main break Friday that impacted thousands with low water pressure across parts of Florence for nearly 12 hours has been fixed, according to news release from the City of Florence.

The release shows city utility crews and the city's engineering department staff spent the day tracing miles of utility lines, shutting off valves and testing pressure to determine any breaches in the system.

Here's part of that release: "City crews identified seven breaches of the city water system. The largest of these breaches occurred off public right-of-way on private property and not in view from the street. As of 6:30 p.m. all of these breaches have been identified and repaired or 'valved off.'"

Utilities and engineering crews have “valved off” a section of the city’s 30” transmission main between Hwy. 52 and Cecil Road. Those customers affected by this action have been notified by the City of Florence. The combination of repairing and valving off broken water lines and isolating this section of water line is allowing the water distribution system to return to normal pressure levels."

Officials said if you experience low water pressure Saturday morning, you should e- mail the city at and leave your service address and a short description of your issue.

As a reminder, the city remains under a boil water advisory until further notice. City crews will continue to respond to this event and will be on-call Saturday.

City Council and city staff extend their appreciation for the understanding showed by utility water customers and their assistance in helping us identify any breaks within the water system.

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