More than 11,000 pounds of trash pulled from Waccamaw River

Volunteers clear 11,000lbs of trash from our waterways and wetlands to keep our rivers beautiful. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

The Waccamaw Riverkeepers broke a record this year collecting trash in the waterways.

Waccamaw Riverkeeper Captain Jim Holbert said they found water bottles, cans and glass polluting the waterways.

Volunteers pulled out 11,200 pounds of trash from our waterways and wetlands.

Pollution is a never ending battle for the Waccamaw Riverkeepers.

"We're working really hard to protect this river. It's a beautiful river," said April O'Leary with the Waccamaw Riverkeepers. "One of the most important things about protecting clean water is not only protecting our drinking water, because we all get our drinking water from the Waccamaw River, but also protecting the wildlife."

All sorts of wildlife lives in the water and along these banks.

"White tailed deer, raccoon, fox, possum, wild cats, bobcats," said Holbert.

And he's delighted to see a new neighbor high above the water, an osprey nest.

"This is the first time I've seen these," said Holbert. "That's so fantastic."

The 'Clean our Local Waterways' initiative collected 11,200 pounds of trash over a two-week span.

The majority of items collected in the clean-ups were plastic water bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans.

For more information or to volunteer with the Waccamaw Riverkeepers, visit

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