Voting machines in Horry County still have votes that need to be counted


Horry County voting officials said they had power issues at some of the precincts around Horry County on Tuesday, which resulted in some votes not being counted.

At least three of the eight voting machines that are being checked have votes in them, however officials believe the other five were never used.

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"We, as of right now, have eight machines out around the county that were not closed out that we have to picked up. We have machine technicians out getting those now, and they'll bring them in and later this afternoon, we'll get the results out of them, if there are any, and add to the totals that we have," said Sandy Martin, Horry County Elections Director.

Martin said she wasn't sure which precincts all of the machines were from and which had votes in them, but she said one of the voting machines was used at precinct number 3 in Little River and another at the Taylorsville voting precinct.

The election office certifies the votes at 10 a.m., Thursday and plans to have the final results by then.

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