Voters to decide on Florence County Sunday alcohol ordinance


Voters will decide whether Florence County will continue to allow Sunday alcohol sales in bars and restaurants.

The new ordinance has been amended twice.

The newest version says the Florence County Election Commission will ask people who live there if businesses should be allowed to have permits for on-premises alcohol sales on Sundays.

We spoke to some people who live in Florence to hear how they feel about the upcoming vote.

"It'll bring more money into our community. I mean, if they don't get it on Saturday nights or Sunday, they're gonna go somewhere else 'cause I know you can go to the next city or Lake City sells it, Marion sells it, I think Darlington's doing it, some parts of Darlington. So Florence might as well get on board with everybody else," said Joshua Knox, a Florence resident.

The referendum will be placed on the ballot for the Nov. 6 general election.

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