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USDA: Super Bowl Sunday is America's second largest consumption day

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According to the USDA, Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day of the year, behind Thanksgiving.

With the big game just six days away, there's already big talk about big spreads many of us will enjoy.

"Sit back with a belly full of food," said Conway resident Don Johnson. He's got the basics covered. "Chicken wings, a lot of hot wings. Some food on the grill."

"I know we're going to eat some chicken wings, a lot of them," said Misty Rider from Conway.

In a regular day, an American will eat about 2000 calories worth of food, but during the Super Bowl, the average American eats that amount of calories in about three hours.

"It's ok to indulge every once in a while," said Grand Strand Regional Medical Center Dietician Natalie Martinez.

Even though the Super Bowl brings high calorie options, there's some major things people can do before they even show up to the party, said Martinez.

"I definitely won't skip meals, and usually if I know I'm going to indulge, I will try to workout that day."

Martinez said though chicken wings and chips are typical Super Bowl snacks, a large number of calories on Sunday will come from other foods.

"A lot of times people can consume excessive amounts of calories through the beverages. So trying to limit the beer or trying a light beer instead. Try to alternate between a drink that has calories in it and water."

But above anything, it's simple choices that make a huge difference so we can win the battle of the bulge no matter who wins on the field.

"When it comes to the dips, what I would suggest, is trying to include hummus maybe a bean dip, something that gives you a little more fiber and definitely having fruits or vegetables around to help with the fiber as well," said Martinez.

"You can have unsalted nuts, low-fat-low-salt popcorn. There's different ways to have snacks but make them healthier."

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Do you pay attention to calorie count on Superbowl Sunday?

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