Two veterans stop in Florence during 3,000 mile walk to support fellow veterans

Former Marine Larry Hinkle and former Army Combat Media Jocelyn Cupido stop in Florence on their 3,000 trek to California to honor veterans. (Tonya Brown / WPDE)

Former Marine Larry Hinkle and former Army Combat Medic Jocelyn Cupido made a pit stop in Florence on Monday during their nearly 3,000 mile walk from Camp LeJuene in North Carolina to Camp Pendleton in California.

The veterans plan to walk 22 miles a day until they reach their destination in late September, all in support of their fellow veterans.

"We're serving our veterans from coast to coast, one step at a time," said Hinkle.

The pair have a fellow veteran who is driving alongside them in a camper as they make the trek.

Hinkle said he wanted to do something special for veterans because often times, their sacrifices are forgotten.

"We take care of our own. It's very easy just to become a statistic these days as a veteran. And we're here to ensure that doesn't happen on our watch," said Hinkle.

He added they have a musician that travels with them and they plan to give free concerts at VA hospitals, VFW centers and other places where veterans gather.

Hinkle and Cupido will stay in Florence before walking to their next state which is Georgia.

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