Two officer-involved shootings in four months in Florence


There have been two officer involved shootings in Florence in the past four months.

68 year-old Jethro Benjamin died Saturday after being shot by a Florence Police Officer, according to the Florence County coroner.

In March, a state constable discharged his firearm and hit 28 year-old Brandon Fludd.

Around 12:20pm on Saturday, a Florence Police Officer responded to a man with a gun outside the Hilton Garden Inn.

"When the officer arrived on scene the individual presented a gun to him, there was an exchange of gunfire and the individual was struck by gunfire," Police Chief Allen Heidler said.

Some people in Florence are surprised the shooting happened in that part of the city.

"I was shocked to see that it happened in such a nice area of Florence," Gloria Shadoan said.

People we talked to said they want guns to be a last resort for officers.

"I feel like, they got tasers," Walter Bostick, said.

"I feel like they have other means to subdue people. They have tasers...something other than a gun that happens to take someone’s life," Shadoan said.

They said they want the violence to stop.

"There’s just too much violence and it’s not teaching the younger children anything," Shadoan said.

"Come around let’s get to know each other a little better. I know a lot of officers, can sit down with them," Bostick said.

The Florence police officer has been placed on administrative leave.

SLED is investigating the shooting.

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