Trying to fend off the flu? Some say essential oils can do the trick

Board Certified Holistic Health Practioner Mona Lee says certain essential oils have anti-bacterial properties. (WPDE)

During this flu outbreak, people are turning to alternative methods to fend off the flu, and some say essential oils can do the trick.

"I just kinda lightly inhale it," said Devin Thomas. It's his secret to staying healthy.

"It's supposed to keep you from getting a bunch of germs on your body and keeping you from getting sick."

Devin's been able to fend off flu so far, something he credits to his diffuser that's filled with essential oils.

"It works good, for me it does," he said.

His neighbors, Judi and Vincent Perrin, say they haven't gotten sick since they started using oils.

A blend called Thieves is their go-to during flu season.

"You can just put a drop on your hands like this, and rub it clockwise to get the molecules moving, and then you can cup your hands and smell the oils and they smell so good," said Judi.

This time of year, they always have it on hand.

"If we go in somewhere and people are sneezing and stuff, we always carry it with us, and when we get back into the car, we rub it on us and smell it and stuff," said Vincent.

Mona Lee, a board certified Holistic Health Practioner, says certain essential oils have anti-bacterial properties. She cleans with them.

"It's a nice, natural cleaner where you can just eat off the countertop if you need to," said Lee.

She points out the essential oil trend is really just a throwback.

"It's just a modality that's been around for thousands of years and it's like we're going back in time," said Lee. "Back in time of what the Native Americans had done with natural herbs and plants from years ago."

It's just another thing to try as we all try to get through this season without getting sick.

Some essential oils are toxic to pets, so you want to do your research.

The Perrins offer free Oils 101 classes, and they have a "make-and-take" event Saturday, Feb. 3. Visit or text "Health" to 843-427-0069 or call 843-427-0069.

At Beautiful Mind in Myrtle Beach, Mona Lee offers vairous sessions to relieve stress and promote health. Call 843-455-4321 or visit

The CDC says anyone who is very sick or high risk should be treated with antiviral drugs as soon as possible.

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