Trio stomps their way to VIP tickets at CCMF

    (Jordan Rhoades)

    Some people pay thousands of dollars for VIP access to Carolina Country Music Fest (CCMF).

    Others stomp their way through the gate.

    “We just kind of went into the talent competition on a whim, thinking, oh why not, we have some talent we think,” Jordan Rhoades, from Cumberland, Md. laughed.

    Rhoades, along with Madison Rhoades and Kayla Palmer, said they have been clogging for 12 or 13 years as part of a studio close to their hometown.

    So they took their talent to a friend’s farm and danced to a Luke Bryan song one afternoon.

    “It’s awesome, because dance has always been a way that we connect, and we always get to spend so much time together, and no matter how busy we get in our lives, dance is always a thing we come back to,” Palmer said.

    Around 10 p.m. one night, the women learned their submission won, and they would be able to get close to the stage for Bryan and other country stars’ performances.

    “We wouldn’t be mad if Luke Bryan pulled us up on stage,” Madison Rhoades exclaimed.

    You can watch their winning submission here.

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