Trial for woman accused of leaving infant in dumpster begins

An infant was found in Socastee dumpster. The woman prosecutors say did it is now on trial. (Taggart Houck/WPDE)

The trial against a mother that police say, left her infant baby in a Socastee dumpster in 2015 started Monday.

Shelby Taylor is charged with attempted murder. Police said the baby girl, named Trinity Grace, was left for dead in a dumpster with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Now, she's two years old, healthy and raised by her biological grandparents.

Monday, 14 jurors started considering the fate of the then 23-year-old woman accused of leaving her newborn.

Prosecutors began presenting their evidence Monday afternoon, playing audio tapes of an investigator interviewing Taylor back in April 2015.

At the time, she was a person of interest. Not long after, she heard her Miranda Rights. Minutes into the tape, she's heard during the interview: "I didn't mean to do this," she said, sounding nearly in tears.

Investigators also found a receipt in the bag with Trinity that possibly connected Shelby to the case.

Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said jurors went through an intensive process to be picked in this case.

"We find out about where the potential juror works, where their spouse works, maybe criminal records. Just, you know, a few things," he said.

Taylor is charged with attempted murder. The trial will resume Tuesday morning.

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