Trading thoughts and prayers for policy and change

People gather for a vigil in Valor Park. (WPDE)

The Grand Strand Action Together Organization held a candlelight vigil at Valor Park Friday night for the victims of the school shooting in Florida.

Flags sit at half staff once again over Valor Park; an all too familiar sight. About a dozen people gathered to mourn the victims of the shooting.

"I think the more people that show up and show a presence and voice their concerns about what's going on the more attention it's going to get," said Melanie Moore, who attended the vigil.

However, some say prayers and vigils have become the norm after such tragedies and instead there needs to be action taken to end them.

"To achieve something at a vigil is probably not realistic. I think it's more a sense of us, we just want everyone to know, especially those in Florida and the people in Las Legas and everybody else who's been touched by gun tragedy that we are with them," said Lorraine Woodward with Grand Strand Action Together.

It's something like fatigue.

After seeing that phrase time and time again, with no result, many of you say it's time for a new phrase and a new outcome.

"Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We've had plenty of thoughts and prayers, which is not to say that I don't pray or have not prayed for those who most affected but it's time for action," said Woodward.

"If we don't acknowledge there's a problem, they'll never be anything done to change the problem," said Moore.

Although some might be over the thoughts and prayers mantra, it's frustration, many say, that won't let them sit still.

"As frustrated as I get about it and as much as you can say light vigils don't do anything, you have to keep fighting," said Woodward.

Another prayer vigil will be held on Saturday, Feb. 17 at Coastal Carolina University's Prince Lawn at 5 p.m.

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