Top Golf Myrtle Beach gives media a sneak peek

    Top Golf Myrtle Beach (WPDE)

    Top golf is a week away from opening its doors to the public.

    Wednesday night, they offered a special media preview.

    Some of the WPDE team went out to go check out the hype.

    People who run Top Golf say they used this as a night to show the versatility of the place.

    They called it a "driving range on steroids" and say they hope it becomes a vacation spot along the Grand Strand.

    "That is the big plan. We want this to be the destination for them and I will tell you what, once they come here once, they will definitely have that on their travel plans every time they come to visit," said Jeff Kowalski, director of operations.

    Top Golf has already hired 350 staff members so far.

    An official opening date has not yet been released.

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