Time to get money back from gas tax coming soon; how you can do it

    The state has $40 million in rebate money. File your form before the money runs out. (Taggart Houck/WPDE)<p>{/p}

    If you’ve been paying attention to how many gallons of gas you put in your car last year, you could get some of what you spent on the South Carolina Gas Tax back.

    Later this month, you’ll be able to tell the South Carolina Department of Revenue how much money they owe you. People like Willie Bonilla in Myrtle Beach have been waiting to cash in.

    “I travel, I’d say about 100 miles to 150 miles per day,” said Bonilla, at a gas station Thursday.

    Each week, when he distributes snack products to convenience stores, he makes a stop at the neighboring gas pump. Sometimes a receipt isn’t enough.

    “I take pictures of it, too,” he said.

    Now, any taxpaying resident can print out the “I-385” form on the department’s website. It’s your ticket to a rebate from the gas tax.

    “I didn’t hear about it before,” said Sahar Ghattas, a Myrtle Beach resident.

    On the sheet, you’ll find four sections, asking about vehicles, car, make and model. Section two asks you to list maintenance costs throughout the year.

    Down in section three is where your receipts come in handy.

    List the number of gallons you’ve purchased in-state. Each gallon will get you back three cents.

    For example, if you’ve filled 800 gallons, that would be $24.

    You don’t have to include your receipts, but keep them just in case. File the form with your income tax return, and do it sooner rather than later.

    There’s only $40 million available for refunds.

    “My sales depend on how much commission I make, so when it slows down, that kind of helps a little bit in the pocket,” said Bonilla.

    Next year, the Department of Revenue said the $40 million set aside for rebates should grow to $65 million. The following year, $85 million.

    Money collected from the gas tax is meant for road improvements.

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