Four people hospitalized after nightclub shooting in Marlboro County

Three shot at nightclub in Marlboro County

Just after 3 Sunday morning, there was a shooting at a nightclub on Highway 38 in Marlboro County near the North Carolina state line, according to Lt. Jamie Seales with the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office.

The nightclub is known as MGM and Fortune.

This is the same nightclub where five people were wounded in a shooting last August, Seales said.

Sunday morning, Seales told ABC 15's Tonya Brown three people were shot and that all the victims were expected to be okay.

Sunday afternoon, Seales released an update that said "four people who were affiliated or employed with the night club were treated at hospitals in North Carolina and South Carolina."

Seales said the investigation, so far, shows that several arguments happened over disagreements with security, and then a gun fight started in the parking lot.

After evaluating the crime scene, Seales said evidence shows shots went through the building and struck people inside.

Seales said witnesses and surveillance video led police to persons of interest, but the shooting is still under investigation and no arrests have been made.

Police say a car left the club at a high rate of speed, crashed nearby and caught fire.

South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the wreck, along with the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office, to see if its related to the shooting.

SLED's Crime Scene Unit and Alcohol Enforcement unit came to help the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office with the investigation, as well as Richmond County Sheriff's Office from North Carolina.

If you have any information, call the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office at (843) 479-5605.

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