'They're very armed and dangerous:' Police work to identify men involved in murder

Surveillance video from Kwik Mart in Chadbourn

Multiple law enforcement agencies are working together to identify the men who went on a crime spree Wednesday.

Three men attempted to rob a bank in Green Sea, according to police. They then went to the Food Lion in Longs, where they shot and killed a man and stole a car police say.

"Female, teenagers, doesn't matter. They're really not selecting certain people. It's anyone," said Anthony Spivey, the chief of the Chadbourn Police Department.

Investigators say they also robbed a person with a broken down car on Fox Bay Road and then robbed an employee at Carolina Inn in Loris. Police say the men then stole a cash register at Kwik Mart in Chadbourn, North Carolina. Spivey says he's been working overtime to catch these men and he's not working alone.

"Horry County Police actually made contact. They heard what was going on and that's when we found out, you know, there were some robberies that had taken place in Horry County," said Spivey.

Spivey says he thinks the group won't stop until they're caught.

"They're very serious. They...There's no hesitation about, you know, these subjects. That's why I cannot stress enough: do not approach these people. If you see them, call 911," said Spivey.

Horry County Police, Chadbourn Police, the Columbus County Sheriff's Office, and even U.S. marshals are working on the case.

"There's nothing being missed because we have eyes in each agency overlooking everything," said Spivey.

Spivey says it's not just police that need to help.

"We rely on our citizens to help us because people will do things in front of citizens they won't do in front of police," said Spivey.

He wants anything suspicious reported, so the suspects are caught before they rob or kill anyone else.

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