There's a new restaurant on the superblock

Good Day Cafe is now open on the superblock in Myrtle Beach (Deevon Rahming/WPDE)

The Good Day Cafe is now open for business.

"Three years ago we moved to Myrtle Beach and I said, 'this is the place I'd like to open up my dream place,' and here we are. The dream has become reality," said owner Kevin Andrews.

Andrews is renting the space on the superblock in Myrtle Beach on a year-to-year basis.

"We know that the city has purchased a lot of the superblock and they're looking to build a children's museum that may or may not happen, but whatever happens, as long as it's positive and it impacts the local community, not the tourist community, I think that's the right thing to do," he said.

City spokesman Mark Kruea says the city is not looking at buying this portion of the superblock and also isn't part of any eminent domain discussions.

"There's always a fear that your business wont get off the ground and even make it, but you can't fail unless you try. So we're trying and we're gonna be agents of change for this area," said Andrews.

With the concerns of eminent domain swirling, Andrews says he's confident in the city's new leadership.

"We have a new mayor who just got sworn in and I believe Brenda is going to do the right thing for small businesses and this community," said Andrews.

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